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Fire Extinguisher Ummnya divided into two type ie

    Fire Tube Type Portable
    Fire Tube Type Trolley / Wheel

Of the two types of models are divided into 2 portions based systems in which

    cartridge System
    Stored Pressure System

For Fire Extinguisher manifold Cartridge System is the media or the content in the tube separated by gas pusher, Gas pusher is usually referred to as CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), while for Type Tabugn Fire manifold System Stored Pressure is Fire Extinguisher with media or its contents Gas merges with the pusher, which is often referred to as N2 (Dry Gas)

APAR (small fire extinguisher)
APAR is the Fire Extinguisher operation is very simple and can even be done by one person alone users. The shape of this APAR small and can weigh on the responsibility of one person. Portable extinguishers tube has some advantages and some disadvantages, which type of extinguisher tube can extinguish the fire at the beginning of the occurrence of a fire, but not recommended for a fire that has been enlarged.

Media that is in use by Fire extinguisher tubes are as follows:

    Dry Chemical Powder is often called Powder Fire Extinguisher
    CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
    AFFF Foam (Aqueoues Film Formaing Foam)
    Substitute Halon gas (Clean Agent)

As explained above to Tube Apar portable this unit is the kind of fire extinguisher is modern and quite easy and instant for direct use in case there's a fire and as the Early Prevention of the occurrence of a fire.

APAB (Fire extinguisher Weight)
APAB Fire Extinguisher is a large scale and can be used by two people or more, where the shape of a fire extinguisher is quite large and heavy. It is used in the event of fire is kind of small and medium, such as Portable Unit Trolley type also has a variety of media materials or contents as a material for the Fire among them are as follows:

    Dry Chemical Powder / Powder Extinguisher
    CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
    AFFF Foam (Aqueoues Film Forming Foam)
    Substitute Halon gas (Clean Agent)

Below is an explanation of each of Type Media Fire is as follows:
 Dry Chemical Powder
Media types Dry Chemical Powder is a combination of Mono-Ammonium phosphate and sulphate Ammionium. Diaman function to interfere with chemical reactions that occur pda combustion zone, so the fire extinguished. Media Dry Chemical Powder nevertheless has a point of the dust that is very low and the particles were very dry and swollen remedy form a barrier to oxygen can not enter so as to cover the fire area, and eventually fire will not turn in because footing is covered by Dry Chemical these ,
Fire fighting media is versatile, safe and spacious wearer in because the fire can be deadly for Class A, B and C

    Can withstand heat radiation with fog or serbut particles.
    Does not conduct electric current (Non Conductive)
    Dry chemical is not toxic (non-toxic)
    not berbahayan to plants animals, especially humans.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Media types CO @ kimi is a compound material in the form of one carbon atom + 2 oxygen atoms, which can be generated either from natural events and human activity.
Can be used to extinguish the fire Class B and C, due to a material gas, CO2 is not destructive and the efficiency is very effective and clean.

    Carbon Dioxide (CO @) can absorb Pansa and simultaneously cools.
    Highly efficient and effective use in rooms such as offices, laboratories and other rooms.
    Tube construction specifically designed to withstand high pressure and is equipped with a hose with a nozzle shaped panajng Funnel.
    Not harmful to tumbungan, animals, especially humans.

 Foam AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam)
AFFF Foam is based ari and often contain Suffaktan-based hydrocarbons such as Sodium Sulfate Alky fluoro Sufactant like Fluoratelomers, perfluorooctanioic acid (PFOA), Perfluorooctanesufonic acid (PFOS). They have an ability to spread on the surface of the liquid-based Hidrokarbon.ALcohol resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF AR) is a foam / foam that is resistant to the reaction of alcohol, and can form a coating / protective segment when worn or semportkan.

    Can be used to extinguish the fire Class A, but is perfect when used in Class B.
    Characteristically Kondukstif (Electric Conductor). Can not be used to extinguish Class C.
    Foam is a lightweight, highly effective to extinguish flammable liquid by isolating oxygen and cover the surface of the liquid to escape the fire may spread or widespread Iyang back.
    Not harmful to plants, especially the Human Animal.

Hallon Gas Non CFC substitutes (HCFC-141B)
Halon Substitutes Gas / HCFC-141B is a chemical compound that is hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) which is a compound of the 1,1-dichloro-1-FLUOROETHANE and Chemical Abstracts.

    Fire is clean and does not leave a residue.
    It does not conduct electricity (Non Conductive), so it will not cause damage to electronic equipment and other modern office tool.
    Very effective for at gunkaan on all risks Fire Class A, B and C
    Not harmful to plants, animals, especially human.

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